Vigor 2710VDn ADSL2+ Dect Router

Support IPv6 & IPv4 networkBuilt-in DECT-base station (GAP), Improved IEEE802.11n wireless speed and coverageVoIP and supplementary servicesBuilt-in ADSL2/2+ modem for easy Internet access4-port 10/100BaseT Ethernet SwitchObject-based firewallUSB 2.0 port for network printer and 3.5G mobileComprehensive VPN facilities for remote data access 

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DrayTek Vigor2710VDn is an ADSL2+ router by combination with versatile telephony and robust firewall. In addition to rich-featured supplementary services available on two analogue ports, it also serve users with DECT base station (GAP) for up to 6 cordless telephones. The seamless integration of Internet telephony and existing landline telephony or DECT without turning on the PC provides more mobility and flexibility. 

The Vigor2710VDn is a highly integrated network access devices not only offer rich functionality with up to 24Mbps bandwidth in downstream but also a built-in VoIP port to provide a cost-saving alternative for calls. The integrated economical design makes the ideal balance of ease of use and secure network management

Vigor2710VDn complies with IEEE802.11n standards. The wireless LAN isolation, Mac address control, and WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption let you easily set up Wireless network for your home. Vigor2710Vn has two analogue phone connectors and one line port.

You can attach USB storage device to USB port of Vigor2710Vn to share files. Or, you can use USB printer by connecting it to USB port.

Besides powerful firewall protection against malicious Denial of Service(DoS) attacks, the Vigor2710VDn is designed with more advanced security feature such as Stateful Packet Inspection(SPI) to offer network reliability by detecting attacks and prohibits malicious penetrating packets from entering internal network.

The easy-to-use CSM (Content Security Management) can prevent family from the connection to Web sites that contain illegal or objectionable content. The use of bandwidth/session consuming Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications can be properly managed by embedded CSM.

Furthermore, embedded with VPN support for confidential remote access, the Vigor2710VDn is equipped with powerful DES, 3DES encryption engine and automated key management via IKE to easily create 2 simultaneous VPN tunnels.

Combining the Internet telephony service from Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), the Vigor2710VDn charter VoIP calls to be made to any legacy phone numbers, even including mobile and long distance numbers. By making the most of your ADSL line, the call will be carried to the destination via Internet so you can save on the telephone bill. When encountering Internet failures, the automatic fail-over mechanism of Vigor2710VDn will intelligently redirect calls via legacy telephone line. Also the Vigor2710Vn will bypass all calls to telephone line during power cuts to ensure an outgoing life line.



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